Washroom Sanitising

WC Sanitising

Reduces the build up of organic and inorganic deposits on WC’s and urinals which leads to malodours, blockages and lower levels of hygiene. Every time the toilet is flushed, tiny droplets of water spray up from the bowl and land on the toilet seat and other washroom surfaces. The problems of urinal smells and blockages are all too common. They cause embarrassment for staff and visitors alike.

Urinal Sanitising

Save you up to 80% on your water bill by reducing water from your urinals with a programmable sanitiser to periodically flush and sanitise your urinals.

Sanitisers for both WC and Urinals both feature:

  • Fully programmable dispensers – Choice of number of refills per year; 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation; start time; and days of operation
    (5, 6 or 7)
  • Visible countdown clock showing time until next dose
  • Patented automatic reset button when refill is replaced
  • Non-return valve for compatibility with pressurised systems
  • Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers
  • Rental button for 30-45-60 days (if applicable)
  • Lockable dispenser for added security

Toilet Seat Sanitising

The risk of cross contamination associated with contaminated toilet seats should never be underestimated. Although not visible to the naked eye, shared toilet seats become contaminated with faecal bacteria that may cause infections, such as Hepatitis A & B and gastro-enteritis.

  • An active defence against MRSA, candidiasis and urinary infections
  • Modern design suitable for individual cubicles.
  • Generous volume of foam from a single dose, used with toilet tissue to wipe the seat
  • Cartridge changed at regular intervals by our service lady
  • Usable immediately (Flash drying)
  • Available in white, designer, bright chrome, satin chrome

WC Sanitising

Urinal Sanitising

Toilet Seat Sanitisers

Electronic Proof Of Service

All of our staff use ipads to provide a proof of service, recorded with date and time and signature. Example