Washroom Servicing in Burnley

Washroom Servicing in BurnleyMillennium Hygiene Services provides washroom servicing to all types of businesses and organisations in Burnley for many years.

We are a privately owned family business that prides itself on top quality servicing for all your washroom needs and at an unbeatable price.

All servicing is carried out by our own uniformed staff who are highly trained, experienced, discreet, and fully DBS checked.

We cover every type of client from single sanitary bins in small offices or high street retail, nurseries, to large factories for full washroom servicing. We also cater for seasonal servicing for holiday related busineses.

Julie Stock

Your local washroom service company with over 40 years experience.

We are a family company employing all our own staff and service vehicles.

Work is not contracted out to other companies like PHS and Initial.

Washroom Services

Specialists in all aspects of washroom services and the leader in our area of coverage for Sanitary Disposal.

Sanitary bins are emptied, cleaned, and oudourised on site every visit – no unslightly carrying of bins through your premises.

Electronic Proof of Service on every visit.

Free Duty of Care documentation.

Uniformed DBS checked friendly staff.